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WorldCast Network is a U.S.-based company that supplies ferrous and nonferrous machined castings, forging, extrusion and stamping made in the Far East, Eastern Europe and Mexico to our clients in the United States and Europe.

While producers all over the world can promise you good quality and timely delivery, only a few can deliver on this promise. How do you assure quality and performance while enjoying cost savings? WorldCast provides its customers with an excellent mix of price and quality through our worldwide network of coordinators. WorldCast carefully screens these coordinators, who know the casting and forging industry in depth in their territories and have extensive connections to local factories. They are experts who find the right factories for your product and supervise production. Many of these factories are ISO-9002 certified.

WorldCast offers products in any kind of metal alloy, using any casting process, including the most up-to-date methods. How? Each WorldCast coordinator works with a number of factories, which specialize in handling different metal alloys and applying different casting or forging processes.

We can also design and build tooling for you, and choose the most effective casting process to fit your requirements. No drawings? Our engineers can create drawings from your product samples.

WorldCast will select a manufacturer who is right for your order. When you provide specs to WorldCast, we usually select several of our coordinators to independently submit quotations. WorldCast's engineers in the United States determine which quotation provides the best combination of price and quality. These engineers apply their experience with the different manufacturing facilities and their knowledge of the best manufacturing method for your part.

WorldCast then sends you our quotation. When you accept, manufacturing begins. Your contract is with WorldCast Network, Inc., right here in the United States. At the factory, our coordinator supervises production and performs quality control checks.

WorldCast gives you the dual advantage of having a global network of producers while you buy from a single U.S.-based company.


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